Dental Crowns

Decay and dental damage can weaken your teeth, If action is not taken in a timely manner, this can lead to severe pain, and eventually require a tooth extraction.

At Robertsdale Dental Care, we offer natural looking dental crowns that restore the aesthetics of your smile and protect your teeth.

Find out why dental crowns are considered a reliable restorative solution for our patients from Mobile, Al to Pensacola, FL and all of Alabama. Book a personalized consultation and restore your smile.


Dental crowns are frequently referred to as “caps,” they cover the entire tooth for restoring the size and shape of your original tooth. There are multiple types of dental crowns, but Zirconia ceramic crowns are the most popular type offered at our Robertdale Dental Care located in Alabama.

The ceramic material used by these crowns resemble your natural teeth in color and texture. Zirconia crowns are made to match the color, shape and size of your teeth, giving you a long-lasting, natural-looking solution.

Additionally, crowns are highly durable and can last for many years. Dr. Northcutt, Dr. Ramplin and Dr. Taylor provide ceramic, metal-free crowns that look absolutely natural while providing excellent durability.


Dental Crowns

Can Restore & Repair Your Smile

Last For Years

Zirconia Crowns are made out of a type of ceramic, specifically zirconium oxide, which is stronger than porcelain and some metal alloys. It is a natural-looking ceramic material that is also incredibly sturdy and it gets fewer sharp edges from the normal “wear and tear.. At our Robertsdale, Al dental office, we use premium ceramic crowns that are designed to withstand normal biting forces. In many cases, our crowns last up to a decade.

Blend in Seamlessly

Dental crowns have made many advancements since the metal and gold restoration days. Your crowns can be matched with other cosmetic dentistry treatments and achieve dramatic results. Your dental crown will match your other teeth with shade matching to provide the most natural-looking results.

Tooth Protection

Our dentists go out of their way to preserve your natural tooth structure. Fitting a dental crown over the compromised tooth will preserve and prevent further damage. It will also alleviate the need for an extraction. A crown will also let you chew and bite with confidence by eliminating sensitivity and pain of a damaged tooth. 

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Human tooth and dental crown diagram.

Our experienced team of Drs. Jason Northcutt, Lindsey Taylor, and Kayla Ramplin offer top-quality dental crowns that will fit your oral health needs, cosmetic goals and budget. Book a consultation and restore the function and form of your smile. 

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dental crowns address

Many Dental Issues

Cosmetic Imperfections

In some cases, patients may have cosmetic concerns that cannot be effectively addressed with solutions like bonding or veneers. That’s where crowns come in. Crowns are a popular cosmetic dentistry treatment that can effectively conceal imperfections, including inconsistent shapes, to restore a beautiful appearance. So, if you’re looking for a solution to enhance your smile, consider the benefits of crowns at Robertsdale Dental Care.

Missing Teeth

A dental crown can be attached to a dental implant to replace a single missing tooth. Implant-supported crowns are highly recommended as they also prevent jawbone atrophy. At Robertsdale Dental Care, our skilled Drs. are experienced in placing and restoring dental implants at our Robertsdale, AL office.

Root Canal Treated Teeth

Once an infection has progressed to the soft tissue within a tooth, a root canal becomes the essential procedure to salvage the tooth’s health at Robertsdale Dental Care. Our skilled dentists expertly perform root canals, which involve removing the infected tissue and filling the root canal to prevent further damage. To ensure the tooth’s long-term durability, a protective crown is custom-fitted over the weakened tooth, providing an extra layer of strength and safeguarding it from potential harm. 

Extensive Decay & Damage

When a tooth is severely damaged or decayed, Robertsdale Dental Care recommends a crown as the ideal solution to restore both structure and function. By repairing the damaged tooth, this treatment not only improves your comfort and chewing ability but also offers numerous other benefits.

Implant-Supported Crowns

How they Help And How They Help

Before and after dental crowns

At Robertsdale Dental Care, we offer crown restorations supported by dental implants for patients with missing teeth. Dental implants are biocompatible screws that are securely placed in the jaw and gums. Through osseointegration, the implants fuse with the gums and jawbone, effectively replacing the missing tooth roots and preventing bone loss. Our skilled dentists can then attach an abutment and crown to the implant, resulting in a natural-looking and functional smile.

Candidates For Implant-Supported Crowns

The best way to find out if you are a good candidate for implant-supported crowns is to visit Robertsdale Dental Care, our Alabama dental office. Until then, here are symptoms of eligible candidates.

Healthy Gums

When patients of Robertsdale Dental Care experience extensive decay or tooth loss, it may also lead to the development of gum disease. Whether it’s a less severe condition or the advanced form known as periodontal disease, we are here to help. Our expert team can address your gum health and provide the necessary treatment, allowing you to become a candidate for the care you need. Trust us to restore your oral health and give you a reason to smile again.

Sufficient Bone

Without sufficient bone material, your dental implant may not successfully integrate with your jaw. At Robertsdale Dental Care, we offer bone grafting treatments such as sinus lifts to restore and enhance your bone structure, increasing your chances of qualifying for an implant-supported dental crown. Trust our expert team to improve your overall dental health and provide you with the smile you deserve.

Tooth Loss

Not all implant candidates will initially have a missing tooth. At Robertsdale Dental Care, our goal is to preserve your natural tooth whenever possible. However, in cases where saving the tooth is not an option, we can arrange for an extraction with the utmost care and expertise.

No Grinding Of Teeth

Because TMJ symptoms like clenching and grinding can cause damage to both crowns and natural teeth, it is important to address bruxism before undergoing restorative treatments. At Robertsdale Dental Care, we understand the importance of managing bruxism effectively and can provide expert recommendations on the best course of action to take in such cases.

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Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful. Sandra was great. My teeth have never felt so clean. When every dentist I called in Foley had a 2 – 4 month waiting list, Robertsdale Dental got me in the next morning.