Comprehensive Dentistry in Robertsdale, AL

Our specialization in FACE dentistry can help you with full mouth reconstruction, TMJ treatments, and more.

Dr. Jason Northcutt: Top Expert in Full Mouth Restoration.

Dr. Jason Northcutt is a seasoned expert in Full Mouth Reconstruction, blending technical precision and empathetic patient care. He acquired level three qualification from the Foundation for Advanced Continuing EducationClic to open the link in a new tab (FACE) in 2017, where he dived deeper into the connections between the mouth, jaw, and face. His approach, rooted in an extensive educational and professional background, involves strategic utilization of:

Our FACE dentist ensures you fully understand your current situation and receive a tailored treatment plan designed just for you.

Dr. Jason Northcutt and one of his dental assistants talking to one of his patients sitting in the dentist's chair

We Can Restore Your Smile and Your Life

We want to help you get the smile and lifestyle you deserve.
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At Robertsdale Dental Care,Clic to open the link in the same tab we recognize the discomfort TMJ can bring – from the jaw pain you might feel each morning to challenges when enjoying your favorite foods.

With 236 years of collective dental wisdom, you’re in the hands of a deeply experienced and empathetic team.

Under the guidance of Dr. Jason Northcutt,Clic to open the link in the same tab you’ll access specialized services like FACE dentistry,Click to open this link in a new tab implants,Clic to open the link in a new tab and comprehensive TMD/TMJClic to open the link in the same tab treatments that provide a painless approach that targets root causes using conservative, non-surgical techniques.

Every step, from your first examination to personalized treatment plans at Robertsdale Dental Care, is tailored to restore your pain-free smile.

What Can FACE Dentistry Do for You

Treatments beyond your teeth.

FACE dentistryClick to open this link in a new tab refers to achieving harmony between your bite, your jaw joint, and your chewing muscles. This advanced area of dentistry ensures you enjoy an optimal smile, facial support, and an aligned bite. The result? Clearer speech, improved jaw health, and a confident smile.

Whether it’s slight decay or the absence of several teeth, our team is here to help to improve your oral health and restore your smile’s full vitality and function.

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Dr. Jason Northcutt explaining the mouth reconstruction process with the help of a screen
Is Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for You?

FACE dentistryClick to open this link in a new tab is for you if you’re experiencing:

  • Multiple dental problem areas
  • Missing teeth
  • Collapsed bite
  • Excessive wear from grinding or stomach acid
  • Old worn out dentistry that has become obsolete

We offer you a customized treatment plan that addresses each unique issue and provides you with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Don't Suffer Alone: We Can Provide Relief

Our TMJ treatments in Robertsdale can help you get your life back.

Enduring TMJ disorder can deeply affect your daily well-being. Untreated, it can lead to challenges like persistent migraines and jaw discomfort. Our compassionate TMJ dentistsClic to open the link in the same tab can guide you toward lasting relief and an enhanced quality of life.

  • What Is TMJ?
    Imagine a day when a simple yawn or a joyous laugh becomes a source of discomfort – that’s a snippet of life with TMJ, or Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD).

    It’s not just a technical term but a daily reality bringing unwelcome guests like persistent jaw pain and headaches, potentially pausing those beautiful moments where your smile lights up the room. Addressing TMJ at Robertsdale Dental is about managing pain and enhancing the quality of life by getting pain-free, functional jaw movements.

  • TMJ Treatment Approach
    Phase 1: Initial Stability

    Have you ever dreamed of getting a cozy, tailored blanket just for your jaw? That’s what our approach feels like. We begin with crafting accurate impressions of your teeth and understanding the unique design of your jaw. Next, our gentle companion – the custom Functional Orthopedic Stabilization Appliance (FOSA) – steps in.

    Think of FOSA as a soft hand guiding your jaw to its peaceful place, ensuring a restful night without the disturbance of teeth grinding.

    Phase 2: Dental Realignment

    This phase adjusts the alignment of upper and lower teeth, utilizing methods such as crowns or braces. Dr. Northcutt’s expertise ensures you benefit from the latest TMJ treatment that corrects your bite and provides pain relief.

Dr. Jason at the Robertsdale Dental Care dental office smiling in high view while wearing his dentist uniform
Dental implants on a table manufactured at Robertsdale Dental Care

Restore Your Smile with Our Dental Implants

Dr. Northcutt is a kind, expert restorative dentist in Robertsdale.

Guided by the esteemed FACEClick to open this link in a new tab principles, Dr. Northcutt combines in-depth technical expertise with a genuine sensitivity to each patient’s needs. This results in a harmonious balance of aesthetics and function that truly transforms your smile and overall oral well-being.

Bridging Advanced Knowledge with Compassionate Care.

Dr. Northcutt’s adherence to the Foundation for Advanced Continuing EducationClick to open this link in a new tab (FACE) principles provides a treatment approach that combines technical knowledge with a clear understanding of aesthetic and functional harmony within the mouth.

Dr. Jason Northcutt in the dental office explaining an x-ray on a screen
One of our dental assistants from Robertsdale Dental Care helping a man fill out a form
Why Dr. Northcutt’s Methodology Is Different.

At Robertsdale Dental Care, our gentle and attentive dentists, coupled with meticulous treatments, aim to restore your smile’s health, function, and appearance. Feel the difference:

  • Enjoy Individual Focus: Meeting directly with Dr. Northcutt to ensure your concerns are understood and addressed intimately
  • Get Customized Treatment Plans: Designing a solution that comprehensively addresses the uniqueness of your smile
  • Benefit from Innovative Approaches: Discover refined dental rejuvenation and implantology techniques, reinforcing that stress-free and compassionate dentistry is within reach

Connect with Dr. Northcutt and his teamClic to open the link in the same tab to make your first step toward dental well-being. May your smile be a reflection of both robust health and serene happiness.

Are You Ready for a Better Smile?

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